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Levels 9 & 10 (VELS Level 6)

This section has a range of curriculum resources relating to waste. Resources with the SEED logo next to them are resources that have been developed specifically for North East Victorian Schools.

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Rubbish - YOU are the difference! (SEED Resource)

Author: North East Waste & Resource Recover Group

Description: This unit has been designed to make students more aware of the recycling practices offered within their own local community and what happens to the materials they do recycle. The unit is designed to help them: • understand why we have these practices by examining what used to happen in the past • develop an appreciation for how they sort their own rubbish and what happens to it • think about where their waste will go in the future

Levels covered: AusVELS

Location: Download

Waste Unit 2 - Going Nude! (SEED Resource)

Author: NevRwaste

Description: This unit is about encouraging students to examine the amount of waste in what they consume at school. It introduces the concept of ‘nude food’ (food that comes to school without disposable packaging – extra plastic bags, paper bags, wrappings, plastic water bottles or cling wraps) and the choices that are available to them to reduce waste. As Australia is the second highest producer of waste per person in the western world and school lunches add enormously to this, (around 30kg per child per year of litter) this unit looks at alternatives and encourages positive plans of action.

Levels covered: AusVELS

Location: Download

Compost ( 7 )

Litter ( 3 )

Recycling ( 3 )

Resourceful Living Vs Consumerism ( 2 )

Waste Wise ( 2 )