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Levels 7 & 8 (VELS Level 5)

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5 star Energy Module

Author: Resource Smart

Description: In the Energy resources section you will find a range of resources for everyone to use ranging from Early Childhood right up to Secondary School. These websites and tools will help support you in your ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic journey and will help your school and community to take action. Your school uses energy for lighting, heating and cooling systems and appliances as well as for hot water systems, and office equipment. Because you can measure, monitor and manage how much energy your school uses and how much it costs, you find ways to save energy at school. That means your school community can take the necessary steps to effectively manage energy consumption, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Levels covered: Early Childhood right up to Secondary School

Location: Download from: HERE

Energy Bob's Power Quest

Author: Origin Energy

Description: Our new game specifically designed for Australian students. Power Quest is a fun arcade-style online computer game where players can test their skills and learn a thing or two about energy along the way. Players must race the clock and navigate through rooms switching off appliances using the space bar and arrow keys. It can be played as an activity in the classroom or at home on the family PC. Our mascot Energy Bob zips around the four levels saving energy, but don’t worry there will be handy tips along the way.

Levels covered: All levels

Location: Download from: HERE

Energy Conservation for Kids

Author: Home Advisor

Description: Links to some great articles and information on saving energy at home.

Levels covered: AusVELS - Levels 3 - 10


Energy Quest

Author: Californian Energy Commission

Description: An online educational site for students that has shorty films, activities, puzzles and games relating to energy conservation.

Levels covered: Levels 3 - 4

Location: Download from HERE

Energy Savers

Author: Origin Energy

Description: Energy Savers is a free resource for Years 5-6 students that contains interactive activities about saving energy, money and the environment.

Levels covered: Levels 5 &6

Location: HERE

Home Energy Conservation for Kids

Author: Home Advisor

Description: Although US based, this site links to some some great information and links to improving conservation and sustainability at home.

Levels covered: AusVELS - Levels 3 - 10

Location: HERE

Home Energy Project kit

Author: Origin Energy

Description: The Home Energy Project is a free comprehensive resource for Years 7-9 that contains practical and real-life activities about saving energy, money and the environment. The kit is available to any Victorian school and includes: A teacher's resource; classroom and home activities; an energy efficiency calculator; and a CD-Rom with electronic versions of the resource. Teachers do need to log in to receive this kit.

Levels covered: Levels 4 - 6

Location: Most schools should already have a copy, or to order a free kit visit HERE

Snowy Science Series - Stages 4 & 5 Science Resource Kit

Author: Snowy Hydro

Description: The 'Snowy Science Series' has been designed for use by science teachers and Stage 4 students. These modules can be used to complement classroom activities that have been nominated in the Science Syllabus for study at this level.

Levels covered: Levels 4 - 5

Location: To purchase phone 1800 623 776

Solar Schools

Author: Grass Roots Marketing Alliance

Description: Through this website, schools can take control of your schools energy usage today through the analysis of real energy data in the curricular. Conduct an audit of your schools energy use and start seeing the difference little actions can make on your schools carbon footprint today.

Levels covered:

Location: Download from: HERE

The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Home Lighting

Author: Kendall Electrical Supplies Ltd.

Description: A factual guide to all the different types of lighting on the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Levels covered: AusVELS - Levels 5 - 10

Location: HERE

Work our your personal Greenhouse Gas Calculator

Author: Dr. Mangred Lenzen - University of Sydney

Description: Dr. Lenzen explains in a very simple way the answer to the question: "What has climate change got to do with me?" Easy calculations are given to work out individual greenhouse emissions and takes into account the food we eat, our mode of transport, household electricity and goods and services purchased. The site also gives some averages. See how you compare.

Levels covered:

Location: Download from: HERE