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Website Area - Local Area

Website Name Savewater
Description An interactive site showing ways to save water at home, in the garden, in business, agriculture and education.
Website Address www.savewater.com.au


Website Name North East Water
Description Local information relating to water. Including storage levels in local dams, conservation tips, restriction details, treatment information and much more.
Website Address http://www.newater.com.au/

Website Name North East Catchment Management Authority
Description Local information relating to catchments in the North East on Victoria including river health, water quality, water resources, floodplain and Waterwatch programs.
Website Address http://www.necma.vic.gov.au/ 


Website Name NSW Murray Wetlands Working Group Inc
Description Local information relating to wetlands, the importance of wetlands, wetland rehabilitation and land management in wetland areas.
Website Address http://www.mwwg.org.au/

Website Area - State Wide

Website Name EPA
Description Calculators for ecological footprint, car impacts and water use. Information on air quality and litter. Annual calendar competition.
Website Address http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/students/

Website Name Fish Care
Description Information and resources around fishing.
Website Address http://www.fishcare.org.au/

Website Name Fish n Kids - DPI NSW
Description Student targetted information on fishing, fish, conservation and fish as pets. Games, project information and more.
Website Address http://fishnkids.dpi.nsw.gov.au/

Website Name Mission H2O
Description Your Mission: Water storages are at a critically low level, you have been assigned to the Wilson family household to save water.
Website Address http://www.savewater.com.au/game

Website Name Melbourne Water
Description Information about tours, educational resources, multimedia presentation and information for projects. Melbourne based, but some useful information and tools for regional areas.
Website Address http://education.melbournewater.com.au/

Website Name Murray Care
Description Some good information, curriculum resources and presentations relating to the Murray in South Australia.
Website Address http://www.murrayusers.sa.gov.au/games4kids.php

Website Name Murray Darling Basin Commission
Description An informatve site for students, including an A-Z of Australian Fish, Games, audio presentations and information for projects.
Website Address http://kids.mdbc.gov.au/__data/page/337/animation.swf 

Website Name Savewater
Description A Victorian based site that helps you to plan for how you can plan teaching around water education. Also provides links to relevant information and teaching resources.
Website Address http://www.savewater.com.au/index.php?sectionid=16

Website Name Sustainable Schools NSW
Description A comprehensive sustainable schools website for teachers.
Website Address http://www.sustainableschools.nsw.edu.au/

Website Name Yarra Valley water - Water School
Description A huge range of activities, lesson plan and multimedia student activities and stories around water. Some great on line activities for students here.
Website Address http://www.yvw.com.au/waterschool/

Website Area - Australia Wide

Website Name Bugasaurus Explorus - NSW Water Bug Survey
Description A NSW site that has some fantastic interactive educational games around water bugs. Including build a bug which introduces students to the adaptations of different water bugs.
Website Address http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/waterwatch/

Website Name Dolphin Research Institute
Description Dolphin information for school projects. Other resources include games and a photo gallery.
Website Address http://www.dolphinresearch.org.au/fungames.php

Website Name Green Plumbers
Description Looking for advice on infrastructure changes within the school for water conservation or re-use, then you may like to try to contact a local green plumber.
Website Address http://www.greenplumbers.com.au/

Website Name Groundwater Foundation
Description Lesson plans, experiments, games, puzzles and information on groundwater.
Website Address http://www.groundwater.org/kids/

Website Name Marine Education Society of Australia
Description Marine based information and activities.
Website Address http://www.mesa.edu.au/

Website Name NSW Murray Wetlands Working Group
Description Rehabilitating degraded wetlands and improving wetland management.
Website Address http://www.mwwg.org.au/

Website Name One Minute Shower
Description A site with supportive activities to investigate the value of short showers for water conservation.
Website Address http://www.oneminuteshower.com.au/

Website Name Reef HQ Aquarium
Description Games, puzzles and colouring in, relating to the Great Barrier Reef.
Website Address http://www.reefhq.com.au/home/lucky_t/message

Website Name Sydney Water
Description Contains a range of lesson plans and activities. Also has an interactive online water efficient house tour.
Website Address http://www.sydneywater.com.au/

Website Name Wetlandcare Australia
Description Information, activity ideas and fieldwork examples relating to wetlands.
Website Address http://www.wetlandcare.com.au/education_teacher_archive.asp

Website Area - International

Website Name USGS Water Science for Schools
Description An American site, however it has a huge range of information on water resources.
Website Address http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/

Website Name Sea Grant Ocean Sciences Education Center
Description In the wake of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, NOAA's Tsunami website provides news, video animation about theis disaster.  You can also find tsunami basics, preparedness information and an education section with teacher resources and information for kids.
Website Address http://web.vims.edu/bridge/?svr=www