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River Detectives

River Detectives

2019 Applications Open

Author: linda/Thursday, 22 November 2018/Categories: General

River Detectives is a multi-region pilot program funded by the Victorian Government as part of the Healthy Waterways program with four Catchment Management Authorities (North Central CMA, Wimmera CMA, Corangamite CMA and North East CMA) and Melbourne Water participating in 2017.

The program is building teachers’ and leaders’ capacity to explore and understand their local waterway with students, providing them with support and equipment.  It is a citizen science program as students are collecting water science and waterbugs data which is a part of the Victorian Waterwatch database.

The program develops student knowledge of catchments, waterways and their health, and the environment which is supported through a website with activity ideas and resources.  It aims to connect students to their local waterway by encouraging them to carry out hands-on activities to test the water while also increasing their understanding of the role of waterways in the catchment.  The program aims to develop future stewards of our rivers and catchments.

For more information click here or contact Catriona.brown@necma.vic.gov.au  Phone 0260437600

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