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About Us

Who is SEED?

In 2007 the School Environment Education Directory (SEED) North East was established to provide teachers, educators and environment staff easy access to information on curriculum related environmental sustainability for North East Victoria.  The North East Catchment Management Authority hosted the website from its inception until August 2011 when it developed its own site.

In 2009 the strategic direction and structure of SEED were established through partnerships between North East Catchment Management Authority, North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group (formerly NevRwaste), North East Water and the North East Greenhouse Alliance. The vision of SEED is "For environmental sustainability to be a fundamental element of the educational experience of every child in North East Victoria"

SEED is now funded and guided through a joint partnership between North East Catchment Management Authority and North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group. 

The SEED website has been developed to allow teachers, students and environment staff to easily access a fantastic range of sustainability education resources. This information is presented in the topics of biodiversity, climate change, general sustainability, waste and water.

Our website is continually evolving so we encourage you to add this website to your favourites and visit us often. Your feedback helps ensure we are evolving in the right direction so please send through your comments.

SEED - Area of Operation


All living organisms on our planet start life as a seed. These seeds contain genetic information required for the seed to grow into lifeforms. The word seed can also mean to grow; a source of beginning; or to furnish growth and development.

The SEED North East Steering Committee hope all people accessing and using the SEED North East information sow their seeds of sustainable knowledge and share this knowledge with as many students, people and communities as possible.

What is SEED?

There are 4 components to SEED:

  • The SEED website:
    • Connects teachers, students and environment staff to curriculum information relating to waste, water, biodiversity, greenhouse and general sustainability information.
    • Provides an up to date list of curriculum resources and relevant website links
    • Provides teachers a contact list of local environment extension staff
  • The creation of curriculum material to AusVELS standards with a North East Victoria focus
  • The organising of School Environment Days that provide hands-on sustainability activities for grade 5 students
  • A termly newsletter to keep readers informed of new events and information relevant to Environmental Education in Schools


The SEED project produces an electronic newsletter each school term.  These can be viewed by clicking the 'Newsletter' tab under About SEED.  All editions are included here.  If you wish to subscribe to the SEED newsletter, simply complete your details in the side panel.

Living a dream

This project has been made possible because a range of teachers and natural resource management staff in North East Victoria shared the same dream - to make sustainability easy, fun and part of everyday life. 

We would like to sincerely thank the Australian Government for their financial support and the valuable time, resources and input by staff from  North East Catchment Management Authority, NevRwaste, North East Water and Waterwatch. 

Contacting SEED

For further information on SEED North East or if you would like to give feedback please email seed@newrrg.vic.gov.au or phone (03)57229232