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Welcome to the School Environment Education Directory North East

Welcome to the curriculum resources section of the SEED website, the foundation of the SEED project and your sustainability education. The following table puts fun back into learning about sustainability.

To use the table click on the dot that is located in the topic you are interested in and the Grade/ VELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) level you are interested in. This will link you to an amazing range of web resources relating to the topic and grade/VELS level of your choice.

SEED welcomes feedback on how useful you found the curriculum resources section, which resources you accessed/ used and how useful you found these resources. Also let us know if you use other web resources that are not on the SEED website so we can share with other educators. Contact us

Curriculum Resources ( Total: 161 )
VELS Levels 1-2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Multi-Media
(and grade levels)
Levels F,1&2 Levels 3&4 Levels 5&6 Levels 7&8 Levels 9&10  

Climate Change

Sustainability (General)