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Levels 5 & 6 (VELS Level 4)

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Forkfish - The Adventures of Rusty Swordfish

Author: Sustainability Victoria

Description: One of SV's Litter Innovation Fund recipients has released this awesomely funny short film to help spark conversation about how plastics have become part of our environment. Please share with your contacts and have fun watching with your families and friends. (Youtube)

Levels covered: AusVELS - Any Level

Location: HERE

Litter Education in Secondary Schools

Author: Sustainability Victoria

Description: A detailed CD rom that provides teacher resources, case studies and activities to help implement a litter strategy in your school

Levels covered: VELS Level 5 & 6

Location: To obtain a copy contact Linda Anania - School's Project Officer North East Waste & Resource Recovery Group (03) 5722 9232 or linda.anania@newrrg.vic.gov.au

Plastic Bag Recycling

Author: Red Group

Description: The contact will give information on Red Groups initiative of recycling soft plastics, including supermarket bags and gladwrap into products such as garden furniture. An education program is available through contacting the organisation.

Levels covered:

Location: Download from HERE or phone 03 9001 0668