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Climate Change

Levels 7 & 8 (VELS Level 5)

This section has a range of curriculum resources relating to Climate Change. Resources with the SEED logo next to them are resources that have been developed specifically for North East Victorian Schools.

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Energy Activity 1 - How Far has your Tucker Travelled? (SEED Resource)

Author: SEED

Description: This activity will encourage students to look at saving energy simply by being more aware as consumers. It looks at distances needed to transport food to our table and the amount of energy needed and greenhouse gases released, to do this. It asks ethical questions and challenges them as consumers.

Levels covered: VELS Levels 4 & 5; AusVELS Levels 5-8

Location: Download

Air Quality ( 1 )

Climate Change and The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect ( 5 )

Ecological Footprint ( 2 )

Energy ( 7 )

Travel ( 2 )