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Topic - Water


Name Anne Visser
Job Title Infrastructure Engineer
Area of Expertise Stormwater, Wetlands & Landfills in Wodonga City Council
Geographic area covered Wodonga
Company/Department City of Wodonga
Address PO Box 923, Wodonga Vic 3689
Work Number (02) 6022 9258
Mobile Number
Email Avisser@wodonga.vic.gov.au



Name Bronwyn Chapman
Job Title Manager - Environment
Area of Expertise Stormwater, stormwater wetlands, litter management in waterways
Geographic area covered Rural City of Wangaratta
Company/Department Rural City of Wangaratta
Address PO Box 238 Wangaratta 3676
Work Number (03) 5722 0888
Mobile Number


Email b.chapman@wangaratta.vic.gov.au



Name Diane Doyle
Job Title Education and Awareness Officer
Area of Expertise Water conservation, water treatment, waste water treatment, north east water operations
Geographic area covered North East Victoria
Company/Department North East Water
Address 83 Thomas Mitchell Drive, Wodonga Vic 3689
Work Number (02) 6022 0580
Mobile Number 0400 471 593
 Email  education@newater.com.au




Name Vanessa Thompson & Emma Nilsson
Job Title Community Liaison Officers
Area of Expertise Waterwatch, water quality, catchments
Geographic area covered North East Victoria
Company/Department North East Catchment Management Authority
Address PO Box 616 Wodonga Vic 3690
Work Number (02) 6043 7622
Mobile Number






Name John Hawkins
Job Title Environmental Projects Coordinator
Area of Expertise Freshwater Ecology; Wetlands
Geographic area covered Albury/Wodonga Region
Company/Department Albury City Council
Address Wonga Wetlands RMB 375 Riverina Highway, Splitters Creek 2640
Work Number (02) 6051 3800
Mobile Number 0417 062 737
Email wongawetlands@bigpond.com





Name Vacant
Job Title Regional Environmental Education Officer
Area of Expertise Education around stormwater management and water pollution
Geographic area covered Council areas of Wangaratta, Alpine, Indigo & Wodonga
Company/Department Rural City of Wangaratta/ North East Greenhouse Alliance
Address P.O Box 238 Wangaratta
Work Number (03) 5722 0888
Mobile Number 0408 733 230
Email b.chapman@wangaratta.vic.gov.au


Name Susan Lawler
Job Title Senior Lecturer
Area of Expertise Evolution, Genetics & Freshwater Crayfish
Geographic area covered North East Victoria
Company/Department La Trobe University, Albury/Wodonga
Address Department of Environmental Management & Ecology, PO Box 821 Wodonga 3689
Work Number (02) 6024 9874
Mobile Number
Email s.lawler@latrobe.edu.au