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Website Area - Local

Website Name North East Landcare
Description Information on local landcare projects and contacts for landcare groups throughout the North East Region.
Website Address http://ecoportal.net.au/groups/north-east-landcare/


Website Name North East Catchment Management Authority
Description Local information on environmental programs and projects taking place in North East Victoria. Also the host of the Schools Environmental Education Directory (SEED).
Website Address http://www.necma.vic.gov.au/


Website Name Swamps, Rivers and Ranges
Description Swamps, Rivers and Ranges is a north-east Victorian community-driven landscape restoration project designed to strengthen the relationships between people and the landscapes they live in, for their mutual benefit.
Website Address http://swampsriversandranges.org/


Website Name Wirraminna Environmental Educational Centre and Petaurus Education Group
Description A place of discovery and learning about our woodland environment.  Bringing nature, sustainable agriculture and a culture to the classroom.
Website Address http://www.wirraminna.org.au/


Website Name Wonga Wetlands - Albury
Description An ecosystem of man-made lagoons and billabongs covering around 80 hectares (when full), Wonga Wetlands is a haven for wildlife and a mecca for birdwatchers, photographers, bushwalkers and families.
Website Address https://www.alburycity.nsw.gov.au/leisure-and-culture/parks-and-playgrounds/wonga-wetlands 

Website Name Winton Wetlands - Benalla
Description A wetland restoration project of national scientific, cultural & environmental significance; the largest in the southern hemisphere.
Website Address https://wintonwetlands.org.au/ 

Website Area - State Wide

Website Name

A wild Forest Adventure - NSW forests
Description An online educational site for students which provides an animated story, activities and games based around the forest.
Website Address https://www.forestrycorporation.com.au/our-forests/education/resources-and-publications/wild-forest

Website Name Natural Resources Conservation League (NRCL)
Description environmental education in Warburton
Website Address http://www.nrcl.org.au

Website Name Ranger Roo
Description Ranger Roo is a Parks Victoria interactive website for children
Website Adress http://www.rangerroo.com.au/

Website Name Responsible Pet Ownership Program
Description Simple student focussed information on responsible pet ownership, including information on managing cats and dogs and looking out for wildlife. 
Website Address http://www.environment.gov.au/resource/protecting-our-wildlife-responsible-pet-ownership

Website Name Sustainable Schools Program
Description A Resource Smart program encouraging sustainable schools
Website Address https://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/schools

Website Name Victoria National Parks Association
Description A range of information kits on park and biodiversity issues available for order from this site.
Website Address http://www.vnpa.org.au/

Website Name Victorian Zoos
Description A huge range of fact sheets on various animals, great for project work. Great online lesson plans for all levels. Also information on planning your trip to a Zoo.
Website Address http://www.zoos.org.au/Learning



Website Area - Australia Wide


Website Name Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)
Description Provides a range of information on current environmental issues.
Website Address http://www.acfonline.org.au/


Website Name Birds in Backyards
Description Is a research, education and conservation program focusing on birds that live where people live
Website Address http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/



Website Name Birds of Australia
Description BirdLife Australia has an encyclopaedic knowledge of native birds that forms one of the world’s largest databases of its kind.
Website Address https://www.birdlife.org.au/all-about-birds/australias-birds/find-a-bird


Website Name Australian School Innovation in Science, Technology and maths
Description Funding and resources relating to innovation, science and maths within schools
Website Address https://www.education.gov.au/support-science-technology-engineering-and-mathematics



Website Name Birdlife  Australia
Description Australia's biggest bird conservation organization.  Dedicated to bringing a bright future to Australia's birds.
Website Address http://www.birdlife.org.au/


Website Name National heritage - dinosaurs
Description A site designed for middle years students to investigate dinosaurs in Australia. Animation and information provide detail on the formation of the Australian Continent, how dinosaurs lived and Australian dinosaurs.
Website Address http://www.environment.gov.au/heritage/places/national/dinosaur-stampede


Website Name Frogs of Australia
Description An amazing resource which provides information, sounds and pictures of frogs from all over Australia. Great for project work.
Website Address http://frogs.org.au/frogs/index.html


Website Name Greenpeace
Description Provides a range of information on current environmental issues.
Website Address http://www.greenpeace.org/australia/


Website Name Habitat Heroes
Description Explore a rich habitat and learn how living things grow, change and survive
Website Address https://www.zoo.org.au/education/werribee/habitat-detectives-F-2


Website Name Kidsgrow
Description Kidsgrow aims to encourage schools to get kids gardening and having a positive experience with plants
Website Address http://www.ngia.com.au/Category?Action=View&Category_id=445

Website Name Minerals Council of Australia
Description The MCA site has a range of primary and secondary resources relating to mineral formation, mining, processing and everyday use.
Website Address https://www.minerals.org.au/victoria/primary-resources


Website Name Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group
Description Rehabilitating degraded wetlands and improving wetland management
Website Address https://www.murraydarlingwetlands.com.au/

Website Name Save the Bilby Fund
Description A site about the protection of the Bilby
Website Address https://savethebilbyfund.com/


Website Name Save the Koala Foundation
Description A site all about the protection of Koala's, great background information for project work.
Website Address https://www.savethekoala.com/


Website Name Sustainable Gardeners Association
Description Contains a huge amount of background information and notes pages on all sorts of sustainable gardening practices.
Website Address http://www.sgaonline.org.au/


Website Name The Learning Federation
Description Interactive biodiversity activities
Website Address http://www.thelearningfederation.edu.au/


Website Name The Wilderness Society
Description Provides a range of information on current environmental issues.
Website Address http://www.wilderness.org.au/


Website Name Whales
Description Website with information relating to whales of Australia
Website Address http://www.whales.org.au/


Website Area - International


Website Name
Website Address