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Website Area - Local 

Website Name Albury City Council
Website Address www.alburycity.nsw.gov.au

Website Name Alpine Shire Council
Website Address http://www.alpineshire.vic.gov.au/

Website Name Totally Renewable Yackandandah
Description A 100% volunteer run community group, formed in 2014, with the lofty goal of powering this small Victorian town with 100% renewable energy and achieving energy sovereignty by 2022.
Website Address http://totallyrenewableyack.org.au/

Website Name Indigo Shire Council
Website Address http://www.indigoshire.vic.gov.au/

Website Name Mansfield Shire Council
Website Address http://www.mansfield.vic.gov.au/

Website Name Moira Shire Council
Website Address http://www.moira.vic.gov.au/

Website Name Rural City of Benalla
Website Address http://www.benalla.vic.gov.au/

Website Name

Rural City of Wangaratta

Website Address http://www.wangaratta.vic.gov.au/

Website Name

Wangaratta Sustainability Network

Website Address http://www.wangarattasustainability.org/

Website Name Towong Shire Council
Website Address http://www.towong.vic.gov.au/

Website Name Wodonga City Council
Website Address http://www.wodonga.vic.gov.au/

Website Name Sustainable Activity Centre - Wodonga
Website Address https://sustainableactivitycentre.com.a

Website Area - State Wide

Website Name CERES - Sustainability Hub
Description Compare your school to baseline energy, waste, water, ecofootprint and biodiversity information from other schools.
Website Address http://sustainability.ceres.org.au/

Website Name ResourceSmart Schools
Description Information on the ResourceSmart school program.
Website Address https://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/School

Website Name Scienceworks Museum
Description Information on visiting Scienceworks and supportive educational materials and activities.
Website Address http://museumvictoria.com.au/Scienceworks/

Website Name Sustainable Schools NSW
Description NSW sustainable schools website
Website Address https://www.sustainableschoolsnsw.org.au//

Website Name Sustainable Schools Vic
Description Information on the Victorian Sustainable Schools Program.
Website Address http://www.sustainableschools.com.au/

Website Name Sustainability Victoria
Description Information and resources for a range of Sustainability Victoria's school initiatives, including Waste Wise Schools and the Solar in Schools grants.
Website Address http://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/

Website Name The Sustainables
Description A website dedicated to an animated family that can teach you all about being sustainable.
Website Address http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/thesustainables/teachers.htm

Website Name Vox Bandicoot
Description Vox bandicoot offer a range of services to schools including environmental theatre.
Website Address http://www.voxbandicoot.com.au/home.htm

Website Area - Australia Wide

Website Name ABC - Science Planet
Description A science site for students with an interest in the environment.
Website Address http://www.abc.net.au/science/planet/default.htm

Website Name AUSSI
Description Information on the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative. Resource include curriculum plan examples, audit tools and case studies.
Website Address http://www.education4sustainability.org/2012/08/21/the-australian-sustainable-schools-initiative-aussi/

Website Name CSIRO
Description Activities, lesson plans and information on a range of science topics.
Website Address https://www.csiro.au/en/Education/Programs

Website Name Earthshare Australia
Description Offers students environmental film making opportunities at Anglesea - earth sharing challenge
Website Address http://www.earthsharing.org.au/

Website Name Ecotude
Description eco'tude measures your school's ecological footprint
Website Address http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/ecotude/

Website Name Education Network Australia
Description Australia's free online network for educators
Website Address http://www.edna.edu.au/edna/go

Website Name Firestarter
Description Award winning environmental initiatives including kids teaching kids
Website Address http://www.kidsteachingkids.com.au/

Website Name Gould Group
Description A range of information and a great environmental education bookshop.
Website Address https://www.gould.org.au/

Website Name Habitat Hereos
Description Saving the planet one game at a time
Website Address https://www.zoo.org.au/education/werribee/habitat-detectives-F-2

Website Name Nabers Home
Description Tools and calculators to help you to assess the energy and water efficiecy of your home.
Website Address https://www.nabers.gov.au/ratings/estimate-your-rating

Website Name OzGreen
Description Inspiring people to become change leaders for environmental sustainability
Website Address http://www.ozgreen.org.au/

Website Name Planet Ark
Description A range of information on planet ark campaigns including plastic bags, mobile phone recycling and more.
Website Address http://www.planetark.org

Website Name Save The Planet
Description Earth Coloring Pictures and Reading Activities. Interactive Earth Day color book pages for kids.
Website Address http://www.apples4theteacher.com/coloring-pages/earth-day/save-our-planet.html

Website Area - International

Website Name Children of the Earth
Description American site with lots of activities, animated films and teaching ideas around all aspects of the environment
Website Address http://www.childrenoftheearth.org/

Website Name Development Education Programs - exploring Sustainable development
Description A range of information and activities around sustainable development courses. 
Website Address https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/achieving-sustainable-development

Website Name Globe Program
Description Globe is an international opportunity for students to participate in science based research relating to global environmental issues. To find out how your school can participate visit this site.
Website Address https://www.globe.gov/