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Student Environment Days

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Wodonga - 2017

The Wodonga Student Environment Day was once again held at the CUBE on August 10th with a full complement of around 180 students from the Wodonga area including Wodonga South, St. Francis of Assisi, Talgarno, Dederang and Rutherglen Primary Schools.

 The students were treated to some very interesting and hands-on workshops where they learnt lots of lessons including:

  • How to sort rubbish in order to minimize waste to landfill

  • Identifying water bugs to determine the health of the local water ways

  • How to fish responsibly

  • Identifying local bird species and protecting their habitats

  • Being aware of how much water we use and to use water wisely

  • Understanding the environmental effects of the use of non-renewable energy

  • Planting and propagating 

  • The interdependence of species through the Web of Life

  • The waste breakdown timeline

  • What to do in case of natural disasters such as floods

  • and … through Aboriginal Art … cultural environmental practices

I would like to thank all the presenters and the local Resource Management Groups for their contributions to the day including Our Native Garden, the SES, Petaurus Education, North East Water, Goulburn Valley Water, Halve Waste, North East Catchment Management Authority, North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group and the dedicated students from St. Francis of Assisi for their contributions and willingness to share their expertise with students and staff attending event.

I would also like to thank the City of Wodonga and the CUBE for their contributions to the day and the partnership of the North East CMA and the North East WRRG for the organization of the event.

See below for pictures of each of the activities: 

NECMA - Water Bugs

NEWRRG - Waste Wise Our Native Garden - Planting

North East Water - Water Issues Alpine Shire - Sorting Rubbish Petaurus Education - Aboriginal Art

Halve Waste - Waste Breakdown Timeline ResourceSmart - Chocolate Chip Coal Mining SES - Natural Disasters

DELWP - The Web of Life PetaurusEducation - Responsible Fishing St. Francis of Assisi - Birds in our Backyard

When students return to their schools they will share their learning with their classmates and follow-up some of the learning they were particularly interested in using the SEED website and other resources to take their investigations further and learn more.

 The next Student Environment Day will be held in Wangaratta in October.  All days for this year are now fully booked.