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Tallangatta - Term One 2014

Tallangatta - Term One, 2014

March the 13th 2014 saw the 24th School Environment Day under the SEED banner - making 3962 children and 161 schools having been to an event such as this during the six and a bit years of its operation.

This one was held in the Towong Shire and attracted 178 students from 9 primary schools - almost all the primary schools in the Towong Shire! (9/11). The venue was the Tallangatta Showgrounds, which looked a real picture after holding the show the previous weekend. The 'grey army', as they call themselves, had completed a litter collection after the show and the grounds looked spotless. They were amazed to hear we required no extra rubbish bins for our event, and I am pleased to report that the approximately 200 people attending the event left no litter. There was approximately 2 litres of rubbish, 8 litres of recycling and about 8 litres of compost materials produced for the whole day (which was taken home by a presenter for her chooks) . This was achieved through having a rubbish-free lunch event and by having the Drink Tap Water Station (sponsored by North East Water) at the event for students to re-fill their water bottles.

It was great working with the Towong Shire to run this event. Their contributions of the venue, presenter connections, sand and advice on risk management was extremely helpful. The day was quite warm, so students lathered in sunscreen and most presenters were able to find a shady spot in which to set up their presentation. The day was enjoyed by all, with students rotating around four of the nine presentations during the day.

Students went back to school to share and further investigate what they had learnt on the day including:

  • how to be waste wise and how to recycle;
  • identifying water bugs and what they tell them about the quality of water;
  • what not to flush down the toilet;
  • what to do in times of natural disasters such as floods;
  • the effect of erosion and how it can be stopped;
  • all about living in the Murray Darling Basin and the food it produces;
  • living sustainably - including water and power usage and wind and solar energy alternatives;
  • and also about some of the tools that our indigenous people use to live sustainably - which included some popular lessons on boomerang throwing!
The next Student Environment Day will be hosted by the City of Wodonga in August.

Check out the pictures to see what they got up to:

Water Bugs
Living in a Basin
Traditional Tools Sustaining Life
Living Sustainably
Never Ever
Natural Disasters
Waste Wise
Up the Creek