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2014 Wangaratta

The latest Student Environment Day was held in the Rural City of Wangaratta on October 23rd, 2014, with almost 190 students from 8 local primary schools. The venue was Park Lane Nursery which offered a multitude of environments in an idyllic nursery setting. The day was extremely hot, but thanks to the Warby Landcare Group, a Beechworth Work Crew and the Rutherglen Show Committee, a huge marquee was able to be used to provide much needed shade for the day. A real team effort to make it happen - but well worth it given the temperature of the day. Feedback from the day was extremely positive and I would like to thank both the individuals and the organisations who provided engaging learning experiences for all the students who attended.

During the School Environment Day it is expected that all participants demonstrate sound sustainable and healthy living practices by bringing Rubbish Free Lunches and refillable water bottles and to be sunsmart by wearing hats and applying sunscreen. Students went back to school to share and further investigate what they had learnt on the day including:

  • how to be waste wise and how to recycle;
  • identifying water bugs and what they tell them about the quality of water;
  • using water efficiently
  • what to do in times of natural disasters such as floods;
  • how to propagate native plants
  • identifying the homes of, and the environments needed by local fauna,
  • solar energy and where electricity comes from
  • the tools that our indigenous people use to live sustainably
  • the plants needed as food by local species
  • identifying local fish species
  • and how to grow seedlings

The next Student Environment Day will be hosted by the Indigo Shire in March 2015. Check out the pictures to see what they got up to:

Investigating Water Bugs
Fish Fun
Waste Wise
Indigenous Tools
Disaster Preparation
Biodiversity Bingo
Growing Seedlings
Using Water Efficiently
Habitat & Biodiversity
Solar Energy & Electricity
Propagating Plants
Rubbish Free Lunch

The SEED website provides many curriculum materials and links to further information to support the learning of both teachers and students in environmental education, enabling the learning from this day to continue back in the classrooms later.