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2014 Wodonga

The latest Student Environment Day was held in the City of Wodonga on August 7th, 2014, with around 120 students from 5 primary schools attending. The venue was the CUBE with its versatility making this an ideal choice of venue to hold an event such as this in the winter months.

Presentations were held both inside and outside by a huge range of presenters including some senior students from Frayne College. Other presenters came from organisations such as North East Catchment Management Authority, Landcare, North East Water, SES, Murray Darling Basin Association, Halve Waste, Cleanaway, Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre and the Australian Platypus Conservancy.

All presentations had a local focus and were very hands-on with students being very engaged in all activities. Presenters also had the opportunity to visit other presentations during the day and also featured a rubbish-free lunch event.

The support from the City of Wodonga to run this event was magnificent. Their contributions of the venue, advice on risk management and sourcing equipment was extremely helpful. The staff at the CUBE were also great to work with.

Students went back to school to share and further investigate what they had learnt on the day including:

  • how to be waste wise and how to recycle;
  • identifying water bugs and what they tell them about the quality of water;
  • what not to flush down the toilet;
  • what to do in times of natural disasters such as floods;
  • how to pot native seedlings and the birds & animals these support;
  • all about living in the Murray Darling Basin and the food it produces;
  • living sustainably - including water and power usage and wind and solar energy alternatives;
  • and also about some of the tools that our indigenous people use to live sustainably
  • what you need to think about in making your house sustainable
  • how to halve the amount of waste you produce; and
  • all about the platypus and it's home
The next Student Environment Day will be hosted by the Rural City of Wangaratta in October.

Check out the pictures to see what they got up to:

Indigenous Tools
Disaster Preparation
The Home of the Platypus
Halving Waste
Living in a Basin
Never Ever
Energy Efficiency
Planting Native Seedlings
The Wodonga Group