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Wodonga - 2018

 The Wodonga Student Environment Day was held at the CUBE in Wodonga on August 9th for over 200 students from the Wodonga area and involved  a number of schools who had never attended such an event before.  Participating schools were St. Francis of Assisi, St. Monica's, St. Augustine's, Grace Christian College, Victory Lutheran College and Wooragee Primary School.

Students came together to learn about different aspects of the environment from local natural resource management groups such as Sandy Creek Trees and Landcare, North East Water, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, State Emergency Service, Petaurus Education, Halve Waste, ResourceSmart (Goulburn Valley Water), EcoInquire, Rural City of Wangaratta, North East Catchment Management Authority and a group of students from St Francis of Assisi.

They learnt about squirrel gliders, water as a precious resource, the web of life, closing the loop recycling, river health, what to do in natural disasters, the effects of coal mining, electrical circuits and energy, how to propagate plants and cuttings,  how to be waste wise, native wildlife around Baranduda and Aboriginal culture through art.  The day also practiced being waste wise through having a rubbish-free lunch, water wise through bringing refillable water bottles and the students also participated in a swap shop during lunchtime – giving toys, books and clothing they no longer wanted, another life. 

The day was a huge success with both students and teachers learning a lot from local experts and enjoying having the opportunity to mix with other schools.  They will share their learning and follow up on these workshops back at school.

The Student Environment Day was run in conjunction with the City of Wodonga and coordinated by the North East Environment Education Directory (SEED) which is a uniquely North East Victorian initiative run through a partnership with North East Catchment Management Authority and North East Waste and Resource Recovery Group.

 See below for pictures of each of the activities:

NECMA - Water Bugs

ResourceSmart (Goulburn Valley Water) - Choc Chip Coal Mining DELWP - Web of Life

North East Water - Never Ever Halve Waste - Closing the Loop Petaurus Education - Aboriginal Art

Rural City of Wangaratta for NEWRRG - Waste Wise Electrical Circuits and Energy SES - Natural Disasters

Petaurus Education - Squirrel Gliders - Bulls eye! Sandy Creek Trees & Landcare - Planting St. Francis of Assisi - Our Flora and Fauna

The SEED Kids Swap Shop St. Francis of Assisi - Making Newspaper Pots St. Francis of Assisi - Origami Planters
Petaurus Education - Kathy and her Squirrel Glider Sandy Creek Trees - Narelle Showing students
how to propogate from cuttings
EcoInquire - Leanne demonstrating how energy
travels through circuits
DELWP - students dressing up ready to tackle forest fires

I would like to acknowledge the huge contributions of all the presenters and their organizations, the City of Wodonga and  NECMA and NEWRRG and particularly the fantastic people at the CUBE who worked very hard to create a suitably organized venue set-up to meet the needs of the all the varied presentations we had.