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Take your Waste to a better place

Take your Waste to a better place

From 1 July 2019, e-waste is no longer accepted in any bin!

Author: linda/Tuesday, 12 November 2019/Categories: General


E-waste is any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer working or wanted. From your phone to your fridge, your laptop to your electric lawnmower, it covers a whole range of items from work, home and even the garden shed, including:

  • Large and small household appliances (fridges, irons, kettles, hair dryers)
  • IT, telecommunication and TV equipment (computers and their accessories, tablets, mobile phones, TVs)
  • Lighting (LEDs, fluorescent lamps)
  • Electrical and electronic tools (drills, lawnmowers)
  • Toys, leisure and sport equipment (race cars, hand-held video games, musical equipment)
  • Other e-waste (medical devices, thermostats)

Where can I take my e-waste?
The Victorian Government is committed to making managing our e-waste as easy as possible, with new e-waste drop off points at transfer stations opening all over the state.

Visit ewaste.vic.gov.au or contact your local council to find your nearest e-waste drop off point.

Other Resources
A guide to help Victorian community groups and organisations prepare for the ban on sending e-waste to landfill. To download a copy CLICK HERE


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