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Rutherglen Primary School


Enviro Stories - Local Authors

The students from Rutherglen Primary School took part in the 2014 Feral Animals Enviro-Stories program as an integrated unit focussing on Feral Animals and developing their narrative story writing skills. The students worked with the NSW Department of Environment and Primary Industries and their local Landcare Group on this project. Mia Collier's story - 'Sad Little Town' was selected to be printed in hard copy.  See the link below:

  Sad Little Town
By: Mia Collier  Rutherglen PS 


Click here to view another two of the stories from some year 6 students at Rutherglen Primary School.  Have a look at 'Red theFerel Fox' by Kurt Schmidt, and 'Sophie and the Rabbit Disaster' by Lauren Naylor. These all provide a great example of how you can integrate the Cross Curriculum Priority of Sustainablity with English.