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Victory Lutheran College

Sustainability Expo

For National Science Week (In August of this year), VLC hosted their inaugural Sustainability Expo as part of their ‘Kids teaching Kids' program, attracting around 500 visitors to their school hall. VLC is a P-12 School in Wodonga with an enrolment of around 500 students. This expo was a great demonstration of integrated curriculum – taking advantage of this real experience to demonstrate their learning in a hands-on way.

Whilst the highlight of the event was the demonstration of the Year 7's Water powered machines, and the year 6's Sustainable House projects, the day also saw the Year 10 Business Studies students involved in the organisational affairs – setting up, scheduling, front of house etc. They proved to be very efficient, keeping the day running smoothly and in a timely manner. They kept smiles on their faces whilst attending to everybody's needs, ensuring all the public had an enjoyable experience.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the Year 10 Food Technology group prepared and served meals to all the people working at the event. Their strawberries and ice-cream dessert was to die for! Other senior biology students ran workshops, teaching junior students about sustainability. Macro-Invertebrates was a popular topic, identifying under microscopes the little bugs in water from the local river system in order to determine the quality of the water.

The Science Project ideas the Year 7’s came up with for their water powered machines were amazing and they should all be congratulated on a fantastic display. Each machine had to perform a function and included instructions on how they built them and how they worked. There were machines that could turn on a light, water wheel winches, water powered rocket cars, water slide turbines, grain crushers and many more. All were impressive.

Rhys Terry with his impressive award winning 'Grain Crusher'
Julian Terblanche with his sophisticated 'Waterslide Turbine'
Nathanial Williams & Conner Brodie with their 'Water Powered Rocket Car'

The year sixes were not to be outdone with so many designs of sustainable houses. Their accompanying manuals explained the features of each sustainable component they had chosen for their houses which really demonstrated their understanding of sustainable living. They also submitted plans of their houses. The intricately pieced together models made judging a nightmare.

Breanna Stanley with her group's winning 'Sustainable House' entry
There were so many fantastic entries in the Sustainable House competition
Kids Teaching Kids about Water Bugs

For more information on the Expo, the curriculum projects or the 'Kids teaching Kids' project, please contact Valerie Ratcliffe on 0260 575 859 or email: Valerie Ratcliff : VRatcliff@vlc.vic.edu.au