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Wangaratta (Chisholm St) Primary School

What it means to be Green


Embedding Sustainability into your Curriculum -

What can we do with little kids in regards to Sustainability? I am often asked this question which is why I thought this may be of interest to the readers of this newsletter.

During term 3 the junior school students at Wangaratta Primary School - Chisholm Street,have been learning about how to look aftertheirenvironment and 'What it means to be Green'. The topic was embedded into many learning areas, and the graph (right) showsone of the mathematical links made. Grade 1/2L students decided to spread the word about some of the small thingseveryone can do to make a difference, by making short 'commercial' style clips. The students created their characters and costumes, wrote the scripts and filmed their productions usingtheir class iPads.

Have a look at some of the work they have done (and maybe take on their advice!):http://wangps.vic.edu.au/being-green-commercials.html

Topics they chose for their filmsinclude:

  • Recycling Paper
  • Being Water Wise
  • Re-using your Shopping Bags
  • Having a Short Shower
  • Sorting our Rubbish
  • Turn Off your Lights
  • Using a Compost Bin

Congratulations to all involved. A wonderful example of embedding Sustainability into your curriculum.